bike'n soul advantages

Your advantages in the bike holiday at the bike´n soul Hotels

Guided MTB tours with the bike'n soul guides

The bike'n soul guides in your bike school in Saalbach Hinterglemm are highly trained experts when it comes to optimizing the driving technique and lead you to the most beautiful places in the region in the Austrian Alps.

Freeride Guide for kids exclusive in the bike'n soul Hotels

Even the little ones want high up. The exclusive freeride guide for kids has always a teaching and watchful eye on the children. Right turn technique, small drops and much more - early on, whoever wants to be a master is practicing.

Secure bike garage

Calm down the day, relax in the bike'n soul hotels. With the secure bike garage your holiday vehicle is well protected!

Bike stand, washing and service area

The wellness temple for your bike. For rough matters, the bike'n soul shop is only a few meters away. After all, 2 shops and a dedicated e-bike shop take care of your "technical" infirmity.

Repair Tool & Repair Stand

For quick tire changes or enjoyable screwing with the buddies at a later hour.

Sports Laundry Service

Without modern sportswear we would often get very wet. Start the next tour with pleasantly scented clothes - little things often give the most pleasure!

Drying room for clothes and shoes

The weather in Saalbach Hinterglemm has many facets. But this is no reason not to ride the casual trails in the Bike Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm. For a dry start the next day: our drying room!

Tour map with roadbook of the bike region Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang

With the varied offer in the Bike-Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm you can easily lose the overview. With these cards you can find every crotch and every trail.

Free download of GPS tours

Conveniently load down the GPS data on your smartphone or in your GPS device and enthusiastically explore the area in the Austrian Alps. Modern navigation!

Daily energy package

Sometimes it happens suddenly, sometimes it comes insidiously - the crippling cravat on persevering tours. With our energy packages, you can confidently choose the longer option for your day trips.

Bike Info Corner

Interesting facts about bikes, tours, huts etc. - we do not know everything, but nobody bothers us about biking.

12% discount on rental at bike'n soul Online Rental Shops

Exclusively for our bike'n soul hotel guests! Get some specials in our bike'n soul rental.

10% discount on the rental in the bike'n soul shops

Exclusively for our bike'n soul hotel guests!

Help with route planning

Does the map puzzle up? Is the tour too far? Many questions where only a local can provide information.

Weather info & danger message

All weather information is available at your bike'n soul hotel.