Enduro / Freeride

bike’n soul ENDURO / FREERIDE Freedom knows no boundaries in the Alps

Here it is all about the search for the ultimate experience in the nature of Saalbach Hinterglemm and the desire for freedom, the exasperating search for fulfilment.  We know no barriers. No trail is too steep, no drop too high. The original form uses no assistance in ascent. Using one’s own efforts fight the mountain, serpentine for serpentine whilst indulging in kilometres of altitudes; enjoy the reward in form of amazing views, fatigue and crystal clear mountain air, earning the decent of the legendary trails. The origin of free riding and of enduro sport can be felt in the Bike-Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm on every corner. The difference? We are not a bike-park – we are a bike valley! 

Enduro Biking in the Austrian mountains

Enduro – a flourishing concept in recent years. Everyone does it, everyone wants it and the industry makes us happy with bikes that master this connection – and that with flying colours -a bike for an enjoyable and smooth uphill or a bike for rough splinted downhill and root-strewn forest soils. Enduro means HARD(duro) and ENDURANCE. The key disciplines are combined here: UPHILL and DOWNHILL. For every „Endurist“the Bike-Circus in a summer holiday is a paradise for unlimited enjoyment. All trails are accessible via uphill as well, the flowing single trails put a permanent grin on the faces of the sport fanatics and the alpine panorama is just the needed dot on the i. Special tours for example the Hochalmtrail or the Wurzeltrail in Saalbach Hinterglemm are the enjoyment moments of the biking sector. The solitude in the nature and the distance to the cable cars complete this experience. Those who mastered the uphill to the Hochalmtrail through one´s own strength, relaxes exhausted on the alpine pastures and satisfyingly looks over the valley, with anticipation of the downhill fun, has truly found the summer holiday.
Those wanting to be infected from the enduro virus – then the guides from the bike’n soul hotels will show you the most beautiful places and the appropriate bikes are of course to be found in our bike’n soul shops. Forget barriers - the only limit is your imagination!

Free riding in Saalbach Hinterglemm

Mechanically built routes with lots of jumps and large steep curves, free ride routes with Northshore elements and daring drops as well as steep, technical and root strewn single trails with stony passages, water crossings and panorama views, leave every mountain bikers´ heart beat faster. Saalbach Hinterglemm offers more possibilities than a conventional bike park. There for are up to 1.000 meters difference in altitude for pure downhill fun as well as four cable ways which connect totally different areas.

The playful handling and the relatively wide operating range of free ride bikes allows you to explore the remotest places. Small uphills are no problem and suspension travel leads to jubilation on the downhills.

TIPP: The Big-5-Bike challenge is the highlight for all free riders. It connects the five cable ways with five mountains around Saalbach Hinterglemm and Leogang making up a large XXL Tour, allowing for an absolute maximum free ride enjoyment experience on one day. The predefined round promises already around 5,000 meters of altitude, of which 500 meters has to be covered with one´s own strength and the rest is covered by cable ways. During the challenge, it is up to oneself should one wish to make an extra round on one´s favourite mountain in order to dust off some additional altitudes. The bike’n soul guides offer you a guided big-5-bike challenge – try it out!