The Bike-Circus The Bike-Mekka from Austria

The Bike-Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm is the ultimate Bike-Mecca in the Austrian Alps. The special feature: the Bike-Circus is not a bike park ... it is rather an entire bike valley with endless possibilities for the bike summer tourist. Single trails, park trails of all levels of abilities with great obstacles, persevering tours, tricky cross country routes, pump tracks ... to list all the highlights here is beyond the scope.

Then there is the life style: events & camps, a vibrant community, bike hotels, guiding, excellent shops and much more. All these components are mosaic for the big picture: an unforgettable bike holiday in the mountains. 

Preparation in full swing

After their spring clean; several free ride trails and single trails such as X-Line powered by Conti, Z-Line powered by Trek, Pro Line, Blue Line, Milka Line, Hacklberg Trail, Bergstadl Trail and many other trails, are maintained for nature lovers on 2 wheels. The freshly shaped trails become a major facelift and have been extended by many highlights.

Bike Paradise with new features

Four mountains, four cable ways, a beautiful backdrop and a coherent, 400 km long path and trail network: these are the ingredients for a bike Eldorado, a class in its own. Mechanically built routes with lots of jumps and large steep curves, free ride routes with Northshore elements and daring drops as well as steep, technical and root strewn single trails with stony passages, water crossings and panorama views, leave every mountain bikers´ heart beat faster. Saalbach Hinterglemm offers more possibilities than a conventional bike park. There for are up to 1.000 meters difference in altitude for pure downhill fun as well as four cable ways which connect totally different areas.

X-Line Challenge

Have you taken on the X-Line Challenge? Since the summer of 2015, one can time oneself on each downhill of the 6,8 km X-Line powered by Conti. At the end of this thrilling downhill track, one can follow the success instantly on the web, compare oneself with others or just simply share with friends.

Hacklberg Trail

The legendary Hacklberg Trail presented itself in 2016 with numerous new jumps for all those looking for the ultimate downhill fun. The Hacklberg Trail II, which was finished in 2014, in combination with the exsisting Hacklberg Trail and the final Buchegg Trail results in a difference in altitude of 1.000 m in the best single trails as well as 10 kilometres of concentrated downhill fun. A sheer unforgettable and endless experience. Even the challenging Bergstadl Trail meets the highest biker expectations. The Milka Line presents itself as beginner friendly with several new upgrades. Needing a spectacular photo to remember? No problem thanks to the Action-Snapshot-Station on the Z-Line powered by Trek.

BIG-5-BIKE Challenge

A special highlight is the BIG-5-BIKE challenge. It connects the five cable ways with five mountains around Saalbach Hinterglemm and Leogang making up a large XXL Tour, allowing for an absolute maximum free ride enjoyment experience on one day. The predefined round promises already around 5,000 meters of altitude, of which 500 meters has to be covered with one´s own strength and the rest is covered by cable ways. During the challenge, it is up to oneself should one wish to make an extra round on one´s favourite mountain in order to dust off some additional altitudes.

Look forward to seeing you in the Bike-Circus Saalbach Hinterglemm!